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Ohmen & Zetter GmbH is a Hamburg-based company that specializes in the distribution and utilization of thermoplastic materials.
We have established a good reputation in the industry by providing our customers with a reliable and wide range of services and products. One of Ohmen & Zetter GmbH's focuses is the proper utilization of waste from thermoplastic materials.

We buy waste from LDPE, HDPE and PP and recycle them, which reduces waste and conserves resources. Ohmen & Zetter GmbH also produces a wide range of film products, such as garbage bags, construction films, and protective covers.
These products are made from high-quality recycled materials and meet the highest quality standards. In partnership with other companies, Ohmen & Zetter GmbH also offers contract work such as grinding and granulating of thermoplastic materials.

This allows customers to process their materials quickly, efficiently and with the highest quality. Overall, Ohmen & Zetter GmbH is an experienced and competent company that offers its customers a full range of services from A to Z in the field of thermoplastic materials and logistics.

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We have all thermoplastics recycled by our partner in order to use them again as plastic regrind, -regranulate and -films and supply the economic cycle.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we have built up a Europe-wide network on the plastics market.


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Plastic Waste


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Raw materials

Regranulates & Regrind

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Garbage bags, construction film & covers

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Wage labor

Grinde & Granulate

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